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Can I buy a banjo directly from you?
Yes, I'm happy to meet with you to talk about what you want and build it for you. At this time, I can't take credit cards but cash or PayPal works. Folks can email me to make an appointment to discuss building a banjo for them or a purchase.

Where do you build your banjos?
I build all of my banjos in my own shop on my property. Everything I use is in there-from the wood to the steamer I bend my boards with.
You can see these all in action on my videos about "Creating a banjo".
  1. View Long version video here.
  2. View Short version video here.

Where do you source your wood from?
Most of my wood is purchased from reliable hardwood dealers here in Northern California. Some is cut, aged and milled here on my property. The manzanita and Black oak that I use come from here. They are generally cut to reduce fire danger. The ebony for finger boards comes from Luthier Mercantile International.

How long have you been making banjos professionally and playing them?
I re-started building banjos in 2006 and have built around 120 since that time. I started playing when I was 13.

Do you have a favorite style of banjo?
All the banjos are open back style. I build 3 models: 'Wood-O-Phone','Chromatic' and the 'Cello'. The 'Wood-O-Phone' is the most innovative, is my 'everyday banjo' and is the most popular with other banjoists.


Do you have a favorite wood combination and why?
My favorite wood combinations for the sound that I like are: Cherry for rim and neck, blood wood or padauk for tone rim and ebony for fingerboard. I use raw brass hard ware in part because I make my own tension hoops out of brass. This way all the hardware matches. I like the way that brass ages. Lately, I've stopped adding inlay to the fingerboard surface and just use position dots on the side of the fingerboard. I prefer a clean look.